Caffe Forum

V &A foyer

Five minutes for every thirty spent in a physical yoga practice is advised to be spent in savasana, also known as corpse pose. It is intended to rest your physical body, but also to relax the senses. It is an extremely important pose to incorporate into the end of any physical practice, to aid in recovery.

Some of us take breaks to rest or to recover during the course of our ordinary days. But, do we devote enough time to relaxation?

On Sunday, after seeing a fascinating photography exhibition at the V&A Museum in South Ken, a couple of friends and I decided to have coffee. The exhibition was extremely stimulating and thought-provoking. Even though we had spent less than an hour touring the whole section, we felt tired. And cold. We needed to recover. This, and more, was achieved at Caffe Forum, on Gloucester Road.

I suggested Caffe Forum because I come close to detesting high street coffee and food chains. Caffe Forum is independent, it is local, and it is fun! It is a short walk down Cromwell Road from the V&A to get to Gloucester Road, and then Caffe Forum is not a far distance from the Gloucester Road tube station.

Upon entering, we were greeted by some friendly guys manning the counter. Caffe Forum has a fairly extensive menu of food and hot drinks, but most appealing at the time was the £5 pizza special. Any size pizza for £5. Apparently, this is every day from 3 til 7pm! After a debate about whether or not to share a couple between the group of us, we each ordered a size large. Since we had been advised about a 15 minute wait, I ordered a large soya latte as well.


Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate all come accompanied by those Belgian caramel biscuits everyone seems to love. The coffee was fine. It was easy to drink and smooth. Decent value for the price paid, and better than what is offered at most high street coffee outlets.

The pizzas, when they arrived, looked AMAZING! Melty, thin-crusted goodness. Taste was good, not amazing, but definitely better than what £5 would otherwise get you.

Caffe Forum pizza

My favourite part of this place was the atmosphere. The musical playlist (we never figured out whether it was satellite radio or someone’s Ipod powering the tunes) was absolute perfection. Well-made music that was sometimes familiar, but never too pop-py or commercial. The comfortable seating, the warmth and kindness of the employees, the non-rushed nature of the other customers also wiling away their afternoon – this was relaxation.

Caffe Forum menu

Four hours’ worth.


4 thoughts on “Caffe Forum

  1. I live 5 minutes walk from Cafe Forum. Every weekend, and even on weekdays when I’m not working, I come here to have breakfast or even just a cup of coffee with friends. The best part about this small cafe is the service and the hospitality of the staff. It is, I would say, the most visited cafe on Gloucester Road!!

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