10 Best Christmas Albums of All Time

You don’t have to like Christmas to like Christmas music. Am I right? I like Christmas though. The music, the lights and my family are the reason why. Oh, and then there’s the abundance of treats. I’m slacking this year, but I’ll get on that treat-making wagon real soon.

Until then, these albums are rotating in my father’s old school stereo, while I do things that are not baking. They are my faves. And are listed in no particular order.

  1. 8 Days of Christmas, Destiny’s Child 

    DC3 forever!! I was a HUGE Destiny’s Child fan as a teenager. So huge. But come on, those harmonies? They’re talented. Listen to “Carol of the Bells”, and let me know if you agree. The rest of the album is super fun too.

  2. Give Love at Christmas, The Temptations 

    Classic R ‘n’ B. Christmas. That description should be sufficient.

  3. These Are Special Times, Celine Dion 

    Listening to “O Holy Night” gives me chills. But the rest of the album is lovely, and soulful, and well produced. I particularly enjoy “Les Cloches du Hameau”, which she Celine sings with her family. Awwww, sweet.

  4. The Christmas Song, Nat King Cole 

    The title track of this album is very well-known. For good reason. This man’s very identifiable voice makes you want to eat chestnuts. Or, is that just me? I’ve never even had a chestnut…

  5. Christmas with Yolanda Adams, Yolanda Adams 

    This album shines bright. Very bright. Yolanda’s big, satiny, gospel voice easily accomplishes well-known Christmas songs. It’s simply and gorgeously good.

  6. Classical Christmas, Various Artists  

    You can’t do Christmas without Classical pieces. You just can’t. So, don’t.

  7. Now That’s What I call Christmas Volume 4, Various Artists 

    Don’t judge me. But there are some gems on this track. I want to highlight Lady Gaga’s “Christmas Tree”. That song is hot. And a bit naughty. But, naughty can (sometimes) be hot. I also really enjoy Faith Hill’s “Where are you Christmas?” because she sings it so beautifully. But, I’m forbidden to listen to it in my parent’s home. As my youngest sister puts it “How could you listen to something so sad? Do you know what she’s singing? ‘Where are you Christmas, Why can’t I find you, Why have you gone away, Where is the laughter, You used to bring me, Why can’t I hear music play…” I don’t think its that deep. Is it?

  8. Christmas Jollies, The Salsoul Orchestra 

    I LOVE this album. So much. And so many happy childhood memories. Their Christmas Medley is so well-done. It is perfection. And so fun. It’s fun, but seriously good music.

  9. Christmas, The Stylistics 

    These guys pick amazing tracks to highlight their voices.

  10. Starbright, Vanessa Williams 

    Really, Vanessa only made it with her album, because it includes a song rarely sung on Christmas albums: “I Wonder as I Wander”. Beautiful.

SIDENOTE: Whenever I hear any rendition of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, I am filled with fond, warm memories of assemblies at Harrington Sound Primary School. Really, assemblies weren’t fun, but Christmas ones were. We got to sing songs that weren’t old old hymns. And eat candy canes and other junk. Those were the days.

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Next post: Why Cup Match is a way better holiday.


3 thoughts on “10 Best Christmas Albums of All Time

  1. I LOVE the classic RnB Christmas songs. My all time fave is Temptations – Silent Night. Its so simple but like you and Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer, it brings back memories of my childhood. I don’t have a cd changer but I’m making a Christmas list on my ipod, ill check these out.

  2. I agree with several of those, but have to add Motown Christmas. It has two of my favorites. Ave Maria by Stevie Wonder and Give Love on Christmas Day by the Jackson 5. Oh another must is I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause by the Jackson 5. You know what? I could list several more songs from that album.

    Ok I can’t speak for the album, but I just love TLC’s song Sleigh Ride. Just had to through that in there.

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