Live Fearlessly

“There is nothing wrong with fear, though. Its reason for existence is to be conquered by courage when a person is ready”.

A dear friend said this to me when we were discussing my intention for 2013: to live fearlessly.

Many factors played into this becoming my intention. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a scaredy-cat to the core. Growing up, I was afraid of everything. Corpses, fish, heights, any and all animals. Most of my baby photos picture me with clenched fists – my mom will tell anyone who asks and looks that I was a very tense baby.

In a discussion about my fear of animals, something really resonated with me. My friend said “You shouldn’t fear animals. If they are going to eat you, and are bigger and stronger than you, they will. If you are stronger than them, maybe they won’t. But your fear won’t affect the outcome positively for you at all.” This is a metaphor for life, really. Why waste energy on fear, when you could be using that energy towards something productive and good for you? Fear really is irrational.

So, this is my intention for 2013. To live fearlessly. It won’t be easy at all. But I know it is worth the effort. I’m ready.

Fly - Live Fearlessly.

Do you have any new year resolutions? Or, intentions for the year to come?


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