Don’t let it show on your face…

Her exact words were more like:

“Don’t let the intensity of the pose show on your face”.

This wisdom was, as you may have guessed, shared with a class of eager vinyasa yogis on a wet and snowy Monday morning in Chelsea. Mollie McLelland had guided us into full boat pose, and encouraged us to stay for what felt like a million breaths. Some of us must have been gritting our teeth. It was hard. But, it was hard for our abs, not our faces. Our faces were enjoying the sight of the snow falling diagonally down.

As I walked home through the chilly weather, I couldn’t stop thinking about what Mollie had said to us during that difficult time. Earlier, after she shared this thought, I smiled, kept smiling, and continued to hold the pose. It was no more or less difficult whilst I relaxed my face.

The thought is a metaphor for how we can walk through this life as well. If we endeavour to live our yoga, there is no reason why difficult moments in our lives should creep up into our face. They are just that, a difficult moment. Maybe its one for your heart, or your mind, or a physically hurt body part. But it will pass. What remains constant is how the world perceives you and how you perceive the world.

So, work through the intense moments of life in your own way and own time. And smile!


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