Twists! (but don’t shout)

I knew this morning would be rough. I didn’t hang up the phone until 11 30 last night. This was after a conversation with a friend that had taken ages to happen. It needed to happen, actually. It had been too long. With time differences, these can be hard to arrange. When we did finally hang up, I wasn’t even ready for bed.

Fast forward a few winks to this morning. My ‘harbour-sounds’ alarm goes off at the latest possible time – 6 30. Queue the internal debate: do I want to sleep more now, or will it be possible to fit a bit more sleep into tonight? I think of the pleasant smell of the entryway at triyoga Soho, where I practice. I think of how badly my body needs a good lengthening stretch, and how good it can feel to heat up and sweat. And then off I went.

Rachel Okimo, who guides the Tuesday and Thursday early morning vinyasa flow classes at triyoga Soho, definitely threw it down. Every class is different from the last. Somehow the sequences she selects are always fun and challenging, with just the right degree of familiarity. (Who doesn’t love to just pop into their favourite asana (pose) when things get a bit tough?)

Today’s focus was on twists. Twists are supposedly good for detoxing the body, breathing oxygen into our sometimes neglected sides, and lengthening our spines. I thoroughly enjoyed the practice today. So much. It was just what I needed, after a few days of feeling lethargic and low in energy. I left, as always, with a definite pep in my step.

My favourite asanas from today’s practice were all of the warriors. I especially loved when we did Warrior II with a twist to the opposite side. It felt so deep. So good.

As if that wasn’t enough, one of my favourite songs came on!

Wherever you are in your day, wherever you are in your life, I hope this song has the same uplifting, positive effect on you as it always has on me.

Paper Aeroplane by Angus & Julia Stone

**Yogis out there, do you prefer to practice with or without music? If you enjoy music in the background, what is your favourite song?