Prufrock Coffee

This isn’t a review. This is a simple suggestion. If you’re (ever) in London, and you drink coffee, go to Prufrock Coffee.

It’s very easy to take a city like London for granted. I’m not talking about the things you haven’t done yet, at all. I’m talking about the things you have done, and do regularly, that you could do even better. Let’s talk chains. Specifically, the coffee-selling ones. The Starbuckses, the Prets, the Costas, the Neros. They are fine. They do the job especially well when you’re looking for something quick and cheap, right? But, why should your coffee-drinking experience be limited to a description that involves cheapness or quickness?

If you solely drink coffee as a matter of caffeine dependency, you should probably stop reading now. If you love, appreciate, and enjoy coffee, head over to Leather Lane over in EC1, my friend. There, you will find the best coffee to be had in London. Yes, the best.

A friend took me there to treat me to an after school snack, of sorts. He had been raving about this place for weeks, but my schedule hadn’t allowed this indulgence up until now. It was an unmatchable coffee drinking experience. Unlike Maxwell House’s false claim, it truly was good til the very last drop. So good! And it’s no wonder, either. Their baristas are national and world champions.

The seating area is open, spacious, and airy. This is definitely a welcome change from the usual cramped, dark, and almost dingy setting offered by most London coffee shops.

If all of that is not enough, the baked goodies are delicious. Perfectly executed. Go ahead and treat yourself to a brownie bite for 50p. I’ll assume you deserve it. And if you don’t, well…

An espresso with soy milk, brownie bites, a latte, and cheesecake

Where was your last great coffee-drinking experience?